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My deviations! please enjoy the show!



Very good! proportions are excelent and the sense of motion is beautiful! I love the colors, the hair, pose, everything! the hands are perfecly done and the eyes are gorgeous! I'm going 2 save this to my computer! May I take drawing lessons from you? You are so good! this is one of the best piec3es ...

by dathie

I feel like I'm in a bottle sometimes, so I know how she must feel! the hands are beautiful but the feet are a little awkward..... the knees also need a little more structure. the background is beautiful though! I know its difficult to put characters in backgrounds or to pair up the two, but you did...

by ChazzVC

This piece is very emotional, so much so that I can feel the emotion coming from it. However, the proportions are off and the depicted scene is unclear. I would also edit the hands, though I probably shouldn't be saying anything; I suck at drawing hands! but in any case, the hair is very well done a...

Very good. The poses are beautiful and the hair is very well done. furthermore the stylization is very beautiful and I like how you managed to make a naked anime picture without making it perverted; Deviant Art needs more pictures like that. Their expressions are very pretty and they portray their p...

  • Mood: Miserable
my mom might die......
  • Listening to: Secrets for Nicotine
  • Playing: Path of Exile
  • Eating: Chimichangas
  • Drinking: Jones Green Apple Soda
all these squares make a circle
  • Listening to: Secrets for Nicotine

I don't own the song. I only wished to share it. as there isnt a mood like what I feel, I'll just say I feel quite melancholy


You built the ground
With summer clouds,
There was no roof,
The sky sparkled.
But nothing lives
In thin air above,
Saturated dreams
Drifting by they’ll heave.
I’ll let you play
God for a day,
Come and suck me high,
You know you’ll leave me dry.

Dark storms were brewing
Behind watercolour clouds.
Disturbing discovery -
It’s the shallow pools that drown.
The rescue ark was leaving,
No one boards alone.
Went back only to find
You were first in line.
What I would give to break
All your crystal tears,
There’s nothing I can do
With fossilised fears.

Murder in the cellar
From a festering hole.
So many little clues,
Too little evidence.
Confirm the diagnosis
It’s sugar overdose,
Take the medicine
By throwing it away.
A baby voodoo doll
Never left the cradle,
Mother had to smile the pearl
When daddy pulled the trigger.

I traded a secret
For nicotine,
You kept the change
In a torn pocket.
Carried me through
Then stole my shoes,
It’s disgusting how
You still can smile.

Strike a matchstick,
Live on borrowed light.
Draw butterflies to die
In flames of peppermint.
Pull a bunch of roses
From your magic hat,
Painted all sorts of red
They smelled of almonds.
Take the thorns to make
A crown upon your head,
Crucified yourself
But never really bled.

Showed you where I stayed,
The lights were always on.
Told you where I kept,
Spare key’s under the mat.
Room’s in a mess,
Tables coffeestained,
You stirred the ashes in
The broken urn of dreams.
No life behind the windows,
Corridor is haunted,
But your ghost has fled
Far beyond the walls.


Think you left behind
Your scripts of apology,
I’m sure they belong
To you and not to me.
Gold lapel statuses,
You signed your autograph,
On a new ticket stub
To the same old show.
There was no role for me,
Just a backstage pass,
But honey I won’t keep
Your regrets for my pets.


Photoshop Images
SCP-052, Water Nymph by Moth258
Ace the Rune Caster by Moth258
rin edited by Moth258
Ellenia cosplay edited by Moth258 by CaramellDancenGirl
Photoshoping of your pictures, photos, and images! xD


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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Yo. Im da Kod Man. Not much t'say bout me. I lead a boring life in da boring town of Ft. Wayne. I long for excitement, and consistantly find myself frusterated that I can't have a little excitement in my life!!!

result image

Gobi is said to be a Wolf which represents the five elements on its five tails. Together they are able to cause catastrophic damage. Known as the God of Illusion and lives in a giant tree. It's jinchuuriki was a mysterious Stone Shinobi who can be seen covered head to toe with red armour.

Just so you know, I look like a bearded Gabriel Iglesias

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